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PET bottle has never been so popular in today's world. It is absolutely true that everybody from anywhere uses PET containers for drink, food, alcohol, cosmetics, pharmacy, cleaning products,… Whether you believe or not, life cannot without PET bottles now.

As a China based machine builder with nearly 20 years in PET bottle making machinery industry, All Right Machinery is dedicated and proud to bring the most exciting stretch blow molding machines with optimum design, simple operation, low maintenance, reliable performance and affordable price to our clients all over the world.

It is the machine that makes your own designed bottles at any budget range.

What machines and equipment are required to make PET bottles?
Sretch blow molding machineStretch blow molding machine is the heart of PET bottle production line. We have automatic machines from 1 cavity to 6 cavities for bottles up to 7 liters and semiautomatic machines for bottles up to 20 liters. Choose right machine for your project.  
Performs mold Preforms have to be made before blowing bottles. It is no doubt high quality preforms mold turns out excellent PET preforms. We do custom design based on our more than 15 years experiences and knowledge in PET bottle …
Injection molding machine With special designed Injection molding machine and perform mold, high quality preforms are at your handy. As one of the main machines in the PET bottle production, preform molding is as equally important as the bottle blowing to have quality bottles.
Air compressor system Air compressor system is the driving energy for stretch blow molding machine working as well as the prime energy for PET bottle blowing. Rotary screw air compressor is proven best design to produce big capacity compressed air.

Air cleaning system Air cleaning system is an equality essential part which guarantees quality bottles. Only clean air can blow clear bottles. Air cleaning system consists of air tank, air dryer, air cooler, air filters,…


Dehumidifier drying system Dehumidifier drying system is for preparing PET resin for making preform. Dried PET exhibits its optimal nature. Dehumidifier dryer recycles heat to use energy wisely and to get PET dew point to – 50°C or blow.


Chiller Chiller belongs to one of the auxiliaries in PET bottle production. However it cannot be neglected when you need both preform making and bottle blowing to preform full capacity.